23 Jun '14

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Not too fancy for the website

Client: Now, for the website, we don’t want anything too fancy.

Me: Fancy how?

Client: Like images and text.

Me: What do you want then?

Client: You tell me! You’re the designer! Just don’t put images … Read More

12 Jun '14

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Just make the whole site,…

My client had been dodging the budget question, so I suggested we work on the brief before I gave an estimate.

Me: So how would you like the site to look?

Client: I don’t exactly know … Read More

11 Apr '14

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An hour!? It’s a 30 second spot!

I just finished editing a 30-second commercial spot.

Client: Great, now upload it to the FTP.

Me:  Sure, it should be there in about an hour.

Client: An hour!?  It’s a 30 second spot!

Me: I need to render … Read More

05 Feb '14

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Confessions of a Designer

Just a typical day where I browse through portfolios in when suddenly I see this peculiar poster. Oh boy, I started to read the quotes and every single one was so true for graphic designers. Below are the posters … Read More

03 Feb '14

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“Name” field needs to be required

Client: That web form you did looks good but the “Name” field needs to be required.

Me: It is required. You can’t submit the form without inputting your name.

Client: I think you need to look at your coding. … Read More