27 Jul '16

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It will be ready for the next day?

Client: We need uniforms designed and made for our new hotel: reception, maid, bellboy, barman, cook and waiters. 50 employees, 3 uniforms per person.

Me: We can absolutely do that. When is your deadline?

Client: We open on Thursday, … Read More

28 Jul '15

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Talk Dirty To me

I know.. it has been a long time that I haven’t written in the blog (super busy!) But hey now I have the time! You know how we designers have this amazing sense of humor in our field… even … Read More

21 Aug '14

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Designers Unite!

We all have been here, potential clients loves our work, our style and they want you to do their campaign, logo, brochure or poster. And if they like it, they can use it and give you “exposure” since, well, the … Read More

14 Feb '14

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Don’t Get Screwed: The Contract Provisions Every Creative Needs to Know

Sometimes we designers struggle how to handle a project for the client, either the color palette, typefaces or explaining the difference between 72dpi and 300dpi. But for me the most intense and maybe uncomfortable moment is when I need the … Read More

03 Nov '13

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25 Designers to Follow on Twitter

Here are some talented designers that are worth to follow on Twitter. Take a look for these amazing designers!

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