02 Jan '15

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New Year, New Inspiration

I just want to wish you a happy 2015 to all the most creative people and that this year bring more inspiration, more muse, better clients, more challenges and the most, more procrastination. Procrastination is where the muse hits … Read More

04 Nov '14

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21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know

Sometimes I wonder how to be more productive in my personal life. Now with my 1 year old wondering around my desk, is kind of hard to keep up my routine but I read this blog from Karen Meets … Read More

03 Nov '13

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25 Designers to Follow on Twitter

Here are some talented designers that are worth to follow on Twitter. Take a look for these amazing designers!

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29 Aug '13

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Article: On Creative Leadership

In this world, some of us are born to be leaders and other followers. This article in talks about leadership and how to be one.

On Creative Leadership

I have spent nearly a decade experimenting with a single … Read More