Route Map – B. Fernandez & Hnos’ Lobby

Lobby B Fernández & Hnos, Inc

May 2016

While working at Estudio Interlínea, we had a great project at B. Fernández & Hnos’ lobby. They were going to redesign and needed our designs suggestions. I collaborate in a few projects and one of them was a mural at the corner of the lobby. They wanted to show in a creative way where all their products came from. Since the lobby was using a dark burgundy color, I wanted to marked a difference of the color palette but using their patterns. I designed an abstract world map since I had a limited work space.

The color palette I used were a mix of bright and pastel colors. I integrated patterns on the bright colors for the countries that exported their products to the company. I really enjoyed & learned a lot from this project.