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08 Dec '17

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Free Mini Calendar 2018

Hi everyone! I know, it has been a while. A long while actually. Well since I had a lot work and, well, the unfortunate event from the Hurricane María, which destroyed us, Puerto Rico. ‘Til this day, a lot … Read More

27 Jul '16

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It will be ready for the next day?

Client: We need uniforms designed and made for our new hotel: reception, maid, bellboy, barman, cook and waiters. 50 employees, 3 uniforms per person.

Me: We can absolutely do that. When is your deadline?

Client: We open on Thursday, … Read More

20 Jul '16

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You learn something new every day!

I often encounter clients who email me images pasted into Word docs instead of just attaching the JPEG. It’s a hazard that comes from the job.

This was something different.

Me: Here’s your new logo in JPEG and … Read More

13 Jul '16

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F**ing Fantastic

I work in in-house and we spent three months developing a much needed rebranding for one of our company’s frontline services. This involved extensive research, focus groups, all the necessary design work, buying domains, building websites, creating social media accounts and … Read More

30 May '16

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Design Process

Client + quote + design + approved = BOOM! delivered. Yes, we wish was always that easy. But  the clients are different and so are the project. Therefor each project has different approach but has the same design process. We … Read More

26 Apr '16

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Designer Problems in a Humorous Way

Oh the humor among us… I think if we, the graphic designers, don’t have a sense of humor toward our clients or projects, I think we couldn’t survive. I use humor on all of my projects. That way my creativity … Read More

16 Jan '16

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Stamp It!

This year 2016 I will try my best to post more useful information about designs. What can I say? A friend of mine told me about this wonderful website which creates stamps..custom stamps in Stamptitude! This is a great idea … Read More

28 Jul '15

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Talk Dirty To me

I know.. it has been a long time that I haven’t written in the blog (super busy!) But hey now I have the time! You know how we designers have this amazing sense of humor in our field… even … Read More

18 Feb '15

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It’s Valentine Meaning… Chocolates!!

Oh it’s back that lovely month where the love is in the air. Yes, that special day even though everyday for me it is special but February 14th is a really big deal…for chocolate lovers! I am super fan of … Read More

02 Jan '15

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New Year, New Inspiration

I just want to wish you a happy 2015 to all the most creative people and that this year bring more inspiration, more muse, better clients, more challenges and the most, more procrastination. Procrastination is where the muse hits … Read More

15 Dec '14

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Creating Logos: The Professional Designers’ Way

Have you ever wonder how we start creating logos? It is quite simple but at the same time takes a lot of effort, creativity and research. It begins with the traditional basics steps: paper and pencil. Doing a lot … Read More

04 Nov '14

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21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know

Sometimes I wonder how to be more productive in my personal life. Now with my 1 year old wondering around my desk, is kind of hard to keep up my routine but I read this blog from Karen Meets … Read More

02 Nov '14

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Thank you Smart Girls!

I just want to thanks to Smart Girls for publishing my coloring page with the Día de los Muertos theme. This is an awesome website for all young girls! provides a hub for teens, parents, teachers and fans … Read More

08 Oct '14

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Panco Sassano

Typography. Food. Photo. Those three ingredients can make a wonderful design. I was browsing through and I see this gorgeous typography from the thumbnail. I quickly clicked it to see what it is behind of this art. And … Read More

21 Aug '14

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Designers Unite!

We all have been here, potential clients loves our work, our style and they want you to do their campaign, logo, brochure or poster. And if they like it, they can use it and give you “exposure” since, well, the … Read More

08 Aug '14

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Packaging Templates – FREE!

I really enjoy designing a package. No matter is a bottle, box or bag. It is fun and you can truly create anything you want…ANYTHING! But one of the thing that we designers need most are templates. And actually, we … Read More

06 Aug '14

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James White

Retro, shiny, pop culture and vintage are the few elements that we could see in a James White’s poster. James White was born in 1977 and calls Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada his home. His parents were never able to keep … Read More

04 Aug '14

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Logo Design Love, 2nd edition ready for pre-order

The second edition of Logo Design Love is all set and ready to be print out. The first edition was written in 2009 and available in 10 languages. In Amazon’s branding category, it was the bestseller. I recommend to every … Read More

30 Jul '14

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Semifinalist ADAA 2014!

I have to say I am extremely happy for these news! I was selected for the Semifinals of ADAA 2014 for my packaging design The Chinese Take Out Box. You can view my design and the rest fantastic designers’ projects … Read More

18 Jul '14

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Tiempo De Hacer Una Diferencia

Soy de Puerto Rico, y como en todas partes del mundo, vemos pobreza y más cuando son vagabundos. Personas que no tienen hogar, un techo, una comida garantizada, familia. Siendo diseñadora gráfica, me pareció una bella idea creado por la … Read More

17 Jul '14

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10 Awesome Useful Photoshop Plugins – FREE!

We are working on a project in Photoshop and we want the software to do the job smoothly and quickly. You know what it is very handy for this kind of situation? Plugins. Plugins are very helpful for designers. Here … Read More

24 Jun '14

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Dana Tanamachi

When you Google chalk lettering, the first name that comes up is Dana Tanamachi. She is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. Her works are absolutely stunning. It … Read More

23 Jun '14

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Not too fancy for the website

Client: Now, for the website, we don’t want anything too fancy.

Me: Fancy how?

Client: Like images and text.

Me: What do you want then?

Client: You tell me! You’re the designer! Just don’t put images … Read More

13 Jun '14

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35 Fantastic Pattern Tutorials on Tuts+

Everyday you learn something new, specially on Illustrator. What if you want to learn to do some cool patterns? I love to design patterns! In gives you some great tutorials of how to make one. Choose which ever! … Read More

12 Jun '14

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Just make the whole site,…

My client had been dodging the budget question, so I suggested we work on the brief before I gave an estimate.

Me: So how would you like the site to look?

Client: I don’t exactly know … Read More

09 Jun '14

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What to charge a client while freelancing?

Many of us has asked that same question. We make a branding for a new client which involves logos, typefaces, color palette, research and so on. Then the stressful question comes: “So… how much will be?” That moment we hesitate … Read More

10 May '14

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A Nice Way To Enter A Classroom

What is going on in on Columbus College of Art & Design? Fantastic designs is what happening! Each week, two talented artists leave an impressive design on the chalkboard. The duo wants to remain anonymous but they want to … Read More

02 May '14

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20 Free PSD Mockup Templates To Impress Your Clients

You are with your client, and both are very excite with the designs but you want go to the next level with the client and show how actually will be the design. The mockups can boost the design and the … Read More

11 Apr '14

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An hour!? It’s a 30 second spot!

I just finished editing a 30-second commercial spot.

Client: Great, now upload it to the FTP.

Me:  Sure, it should be there in about an hour.

Client: An hour!?  It’s a 30 second spot!

Me: I need to render … Read More

14 Mar '14

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Artistic Expression: Logo Design from Start to Finish

I found this interesting article from showing a case study of a logo.

Logo design in today’s world is totally underrated. People don’t understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business. Let … Read More

14 Feb '14

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Don’t Get Screwed: The Contract Provisions Every Creative Needs to Know

Sometimes we designers struggle how to handle a project for the client, either the color palette, typefaces or explaining the difference between 72dpi and 300dpi. But for me the most intense and maybe uncomfortable moment is when I need the … Read More

05 Feb '14

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Confessions of a Designer

Just a typical day where I browse through portfolios in when suddenly I see this peculiar poster. Oh boy, I started to read the quotes and every single one was so true for graphic designers. Below are the posters … Read More

03 Feb '14

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“Name” field needs to be required

Client: That web form you did looks good but the “Name” field needs to be required.

Me: It is required. You can’t submit the form without inputting your name.

Client: I think you need to look at your coding. … Read More

20 Jan '14

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Create Grainy Textures

Me personally I do love retro art and I know that some of you also. In this tutorial on can show us how to create a retro art by using the grainy effect on Illustrator.

Creating grainy textures are … Read More

24 Dec '13


6 Steps To Creating A Knockout Online Portfolio

All designers, including myself, must show off our best works. In this article from by Behance will give us tips how to create a knockout online portfolio.

As the Chief Designer of Behance, few people are better at identifying … Read More

17 Dec '13

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Designed in Puerto Rico

It is wonderful to have great minds for creativity, especially in designs. I am proud to be part of this beautiful island, Puerto Rico, and also proud for all the talents that lives here. In this website, Diseñado en … Read More

11 Dec '13

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A mirror color

Client: I like this design, but the reflection in your mirror rendering is a little confusing. Could you just show it as a mirror color?

Me: You mean a like a gradient grey?

Client:  No, I don’t want them to think … Read More

07 Dec '13

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Water Printing – To The Next Level

For the print design lovers. Personally, I really enjoy on watching different type of print designs such as packaging, posters, business cards, even the details on a wine bottle. But what I am going to show you is going … Read More

06 Dec '13

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Seven Free Bleached & Burned Cardboard Textures

Never enough to have more textures in your design library. Here are seven awesome bleached and burned cardboard textures that are great for web and graphic design. Download them and start using your creativity on them. This texture set was … Read More

05 Dec '13

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Daughter’s Imagination Colored From Her Dad, a Tattoo Artist

It is pretty amazing to view kids’ imagination through drawings. Of course some of them they just use a pencil and a piece of paper to express their creativity. But why we, the designers, push a little forward with their … Read More

27 Nov '13

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The website doesn’t display…

Client: The website doesn’t display properly on Internet Explorer.

Me: How so? Can you send me a screenshot so I can see what you mean?

Client: No, I don’t know how. But hey, look, I can copy the site … Read More

22 Nov '13

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25 Free Mockup Templates For Your Print Designs In PSD

You are with your client, and both are very excite with the designs but you want go to the next level with the client and show how actually will be the design. The mockups can boost the design and the … Read More

15 Nov '13

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Free printable design paper

Printable Paper offers up free downloads of printable paper templates. There are isometric, crosshatch, notebook, ruled, grid, diagonal, dotgrid, and various wireframe templates available, most in a variety of sizes. The papers are available as JPG or PDF files.

Read More

03 Nov '13

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25 Designers to Follow on Twitter

Here are some talented designers that are worth to follow on Twitter. Take a look for these amazing designers!

Read More

27 Oct '13

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Petit Natural

One of my passion is packaging. I can go to any store, and the first thing I look is the packaging of the product. On how they are design, the color palette, the typeface. One of my favorite website … Read More

02 Oct '13

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Is not “WOW” but “wow”

Client: It’s not a “WOW!” It’s just a “wow.” Do you know what I mean?

Me: Not really, can you please be more specific?

Client: Let me put that another way. I wanted a “WOW!” You gave me a wow.” … Read More

16 Sep '13


10 Awful Client Cliches That Make Every Designer Cringe

We designers know about our clients and their… comments toward a new project. Here in this article mention 10 awful client cliches that makes us wonder if they are talking seriously. This article is from .

10 Awful Client … Read More

29 Aug '13

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Article: On Creative Leadership

In this world, some of us are born to be leaders and other followers. This article in talks about leadership and how to be one.

On Creative Leadership

I have spent nearly a decade experimenting with a single … Read More

21 Aug '13

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How to Photograph Your Portfolio Work in 6 Simple Steps

You are graphic designer and you want to show your best works with the best qualities of photos. In the article at you can find tips for that!

This is a guest article contributed by Rahat Bashar.

For your … Read More

20 Aug '13

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Pros and Cons of Flat Design

Now days you see flat designs everywhere. Is the new trend and I personally love it. It is simple and attractive but too much flatness can be boring. I found this article very interesting at written by Carrie Cousins.

Read More

16 Aug '13

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“I will print the admin access and password…”

Me: Hi, I just installed WordPress on your site, but someone with admin access has changed the password. Could you forward me the email from the host so I can get access?

Client: I don’t have time for that. I’ll … Read More

16 Aug '13

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Top 50 Best Free Fonts

As a designer, I am lover in typography and I know couple of websites with great typefaces. At the moment I cannot buy typefaces but in the mean time I can have the free ones but not only free but … Read More

24 Mar '12

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Girl Effect

I saw this video two years ago and I was amazed how simple but powerful was the message. As a graphic designer, sometimes it is difficult to make an ad or any work to send certain message. Sometimes using the … Read More

17 Mar '12

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Do Brazil, Carol Rivello!

I couple years ago, I started to pursuit my passion of graphic designs and illustration. An I started to search for inspiring artist and see their portfolio. I ended up in the famous blog, Abduzeedo. By that time they were … Read More

17 Mar '12

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Bad experience, good laugh

I consider myself with a great sense of humor. Matter of fact, that helps me a lot through my daily living. For me, is like a therapy. I am surrounds with a lot of negatives vibes that sometimes my work … Read More

10 Mar '12

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Music, Sound and Creativity

So how many of you use music to get inspired on a project? Well I do. I often put on my iPod or Pandora and off I go. Sometimes I just browse some odd music just to “feel” the vibe. … Read More

10 Mar '12

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Pop Art inspired by Roy Lichtenstein

I want to get away to our sweet escape” is the quote I used for this assignment. The quote is from one of my favorites artist, Gwen Stefani on her song Sweet Escape.  For this project I used a picture … Read More