December 15, 2014

Creating Logos: The Professional Designers’ Way

Aaron Draplin

Have you ever wonder how we start creating logos? It is quite simple but at the same time takes a lot of effort, creativity and research. It begins with the traditional basics steps: paper and pencil. Doing a lot of sketches based on the client’s company information. Here Aaron Draplin makes a wonderful video showing a glance of what we do while creating a logo. Of course, not all the designers have the same speed like he did and some clients don’t have an idea for a simple logo to their company. Here it is, Aaron Draplin taking a challenge on logo design at

There are graphic designers that must be recognized therefor I create this section called #worthyGD. If you know a designer that his/her works are incredible, tweet about him/her by writing the name with #worthyGD.

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