December 5, 2013

Daughter’s Imagination Colored From Her Dad, a Tattoo Artist

It is pretty amazing to view kids’ imagination through drawings. Of course some of them they just use a pencil and a piece of paper to express their creativity. But why we, the designers, push a little forward with their drawings. In this article in talks about Frank Giovannitti, a professional tattoo artist, how colored her 4-year-old daughter traces. And the results are epic.

The First Onetattoo-artist-01

“I did this one a few years back on a whim to see how it would look if I colored one of my 4 yr old daughter’s pictures. This is the one that started it all for me. Colored with prismacolor pencils on a small piece of scratch paper. This is also when I realized that I should take before pics.”


“After a few months, I remembered about coloring the previous drawing and asked my daughter to draw me another one for my trip. Also colored with prismas and this time on a piece of paper from a small watercolor pad. Apparently it’s ok to go on a plane with dozens of sharpened pencils.”


“On my next trip my 6 yr old son wanted to get in on the act. This time they both drew me up something. Same colored pencils, this time on 8×10 paper.”

Happy Girltattoo-artist-04

“I got in trouble for this one. Apparently she wasn’t supposed to have a red shirt. I had to claim artistic license with my contribution and that was that. Colored pencils on 8×10 paper.”

Elephant Boytattoo-artist-05

“My daughter, at this point 5, drew this for me saying it was an elephant boy that tells her things in her dreams. I thought this would be the neatest way to color it at the time. Colored pencils on 8×10 paper.”

Crazy Pumpkintattoo-artist-06

“Sometimes I just start coloring and I forget to take a before pic. This is a good example of that. Maybe you can see the black lines of the original drawing. This one is from my son, then 7. Colored pencils on 8×10 paper.”

Mom’s BDay Chicken #1tattoo-artist-07

“Uh Oh! Looks like mom wants the kids to draw some chickens for her birthday to decorate her kitchen. This one is an araucana from my son. These I did while at home. Colored pencils on 8×10 paper.”

Mom’s BDay Chicken #2tattoo-artist-08

“And here is a barred rock and chick from my daughter. It was her idea for it to be a barred rock. Colored pencils on 8×10 paper.”

iPad Attempt #1tattoo-artist-09

“The first time I forgot my colored pencils on my flight, I decided to try my hand at coloring the drawings from my kids on the ol’ ipad. Needless to say, everyone loved it at home and I figured I’ll try getting better at this medium. IPad>ArtStudio”

Cats in Lovetattoo-artist-10

“These are getting more recent. This one is from my daughter. She loves cats. IPad>ArtStudio”

Alien Scartattoo-artist-11

“My son decided to color in the alien’s head scar himself then asked if I could make it look better. I tried. IPad>ArtStudio”

Happy Battattoo-artist-12

“Sometimes the kids forget to give me drawings and I have to dig into my camera roll to see if there’s anything in there that might have slipped through the cracks. This is one of those. IPad>ArtStudio”

Christmas Elftattoo-artist-13


In actiontattoo-artist-15


Photos originally posted on Imgur

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