May 30, 2016

Design Process

Client + quote + design + approved = BOOM! delivered. Yes, we wish was always that easy. But  the clients are different and so are the project. Therefor each project has different approach but has the same design process. We go by certain steps to accomplish  the final goal to the client and for us, of course. There are bunch of websites that has different views in some of the steps during the process but the majority are the same. Here I designed a small infographic about my design process. Sometimes I skip steps but I try to maintain the process so both me and my clients can have a constant communication, which is very important.

The communication and feedback are very crucial during the process. We probably have the talent to design but we cannot read minds therefor we ask questions so we can have a certain direction during the process. If not, we are wasting time and so the client. Take a look at my casual infographic and just comment if you think I need to improve on something 😉

design process-01



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