20 Jul '16

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You learn something new every day!

I often encounter clients who email me images pasted into Word docs instead of just attaching the JPEG. It’s a hazard that comes from the job.

This was something different.

Me: Here’s your new logo in JPEG and … Read More

13 Jul '16

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F**ing Fantastic

I work in in-house and we spent three months developing a much needed rebranding for one of our company’s frontline services. This involved extensive research, focus groups, all the necessary design work, buying domains, building websites, creating social media accounts and … Read More

30 May '16

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Design Process

Client + quote + design + approved = BOOM! delivered. Yes, we wish was always that easy. But  the clients are different and so are the project. Therefor each project has different approach but has the same design process. We … Read More

26 Apr '16

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Designer Problems in a Humorous Way

Oh the humor among us… I think if we, the graphic designers, don’t have a sense of humor toward our clients or projects, I think we couldn’t survive. I use humor on all of my projects. That way my creativity … Read More

23 Jun '14

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Not too fancy for the website

Client: Now, for the website, we don’t want anything too fancy.

Me: Fancy how?

Client: Like images and text.

Me: What do you want then?

Client: You tell me! You’re the designer! Just don’t put images … Read More