My Honest Opinion

30 May '16

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Design Process

Client + quote + design + approved = BOOM! delivered. Yes, we wish was always that easy. But  the clients are different and so are the project. Therefor each project has different approach but has the same design process. We … Read More

02 Jan '15

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New Year, New Inspiration

I just want to wish you a happy 2015 to all the most creative people and that this year bring more inspiration, more muse, better clients, more challenges and the most, more procrastination. Procrastination is where the muse hits … Read More

30 Jul '14

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Semifinalist ADAA 2014!

I have to say I am extremely happy for these news! I was selected for the Semifinals of ADAA 2014 for my packaging design The Chinese Take Out Box. You can view my design and the rest fantastic designers’ projects … Read More

18 Jul '14

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Tiempo De Hacer Una Diferencia

Soy de Puerto Rico, y como en todas partes del mundo, vemos pobreza y más cuando son vagabundos. Personas que no tienen hogar, un techo, una comida garantizada, familia. Siendo diseñadora gráfica, me pareció una bella idea creado por la … Read More

09 Jun '14

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What to charge a client while freelancing?

Many of us has asked that same question. We make a branding for a new client which involves logos, typefaces, color palette, research and so on. Then the stressful question comes: “So… how much will be?” That moment we hesitate … Read More