August 8, 2014

Packaging Templates – FREE!

I really enjoy designing a package. No matter is a bottle, box or bag. It is fun and you can truly create anything you want…ANYTHING! But one of the thing that we designers need most are templates. And actually, we need templates with certain measurements because hey, we want to be unique. Well I found a great website where you can generate your own template. Yes! Your own template with your own dimensions. The website is

What is this good for?

This generator simply creates a custom sized paper model for (e.g.) a box or an envelope. It does the math and all the drawing work for you.

Some of the uses for these tamplates:

  • A nice gift wrap for a present with an irregular shape, for example a sphere or a jar.
  • Profesional-looking package.
  • Storage, for example: create card boxes to store all the assets from a board game.
  • DIY decoration

Well there you have it. Bookmark that website and have fun!

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