August 21, 2014

Designers Unite!


I DON’T charge because what I do, I charge because what I KNOW.

We all have been here, potential clients loves our work, our style and they want you to do their campaign, logo, brochure or poster. And if they like it, they can use it and give you “exposure” since, well, the potential company is very popular and any designer will kill for that “exposure”. Enough! These companies with this kind of contest can stop already. Knowing that the company can pay a decent agency or designer to build a campaign, why they want it for free? I mean, they can pay a decent talented designer, sit in an office, discuss the campaign and create it. Simple like that. You don’t go to a surgeon’s office and say: “Hey, I want a tummy tuck or breast implant and IF I like the result, I will pay.” The surgeon will call a mental institution because he is going to think that you are crazy. Well it is the same situation. Fashion designer, graphic designer, interior designer, architect, writer, photographer, composer, musician and more are professional, respectful persons who loves their careers of choice. And it’s sad that big companies and clients don’t respect our work.

This week I read two articles were two designers standup their self against two potential companies. One was from Dan Cassaro vs Showtime and the other one was from Diana Rubio vs FIT and Barnes & Noble. I suggest to read both article and look what kind of action each designer did.

Former student sues over backpack she designed for FIT and was sold at Barnes & Noble, claiming she received none of the profits

Diana Rubio

Meet the Hero Designer Who Publicly Shamed Showtime for Asking Him to Work for Free How Dan Cassaro’s tweet became a rallying cry

Dan Cassaro


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