2013 November

27 Nov '13

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The website doesn’t display…

Client: The website doesn’t display properly on Internet Explorer.

Me: How so? Can you send me a screenshot so I can see what you mean?

Client: No, I don’t know how. But hey, look, I can copy the site … Read More

22 Nov '13

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25 Free Mockup Templates For Your Print Designs In PSD

You are with your client, and both are very excite with the designs but you want go to the next level with the client and show how actually will be the design. The mockups can boost the design and the … Read More

15 Nov '13

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Free printable design paper

Printable Paper offers up free downloads of printable paper templates. There are isometric, crosshatch, notebook, ruled, grid, diagonal, dotgrid, and various wireframe templates available, most in a variety of sizes. The papers are available as JPG or PDF files.

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03 Nov '13

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25 Designers to Follow on Twitter

Here are some talented designers that are worth to follow on Twitter. Take a look for these amazing designers!

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