2014 June

24 Jun '14

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Dana Tanamachi

When you Google chalk lettering, the first name that comes up is Dana Tanamachi. She is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. Her works are absolutely stunning. It … Read More

23 Jun '14

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Not too fancy for the website

Client: Now, for the website, we don’t want anything too fancy.

Me: Fancy how?

Client: Like images and text.

Me: What do you want then?

Client: You tell me! You’re the designer! Just don’t put images … Read More

13 Jun '14

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35 Fantastic Pattern Tutorials on Tuts+

Everyday you learn something new, specially on Illustrator. What if you want to learn to do some cool patterns? I love to design patterns! In gives you some great tutorials of how to make one. Choose which ever! … Read More

12 Jun '14

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Just make the whole site,…

My client had been dodging the budget question, so I suggested we work on the brief before I gave an estimate.

Me: So how would you like the site to look?

Client: I don’t exactly know … Read More

09 Jun '14

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What to charge a client while freelancing?

Many of us has asked that same question. We make a branding for a new client which involves logos, typefaces, color palette, research and so on. Then the stressful question comes: “So… how much will be?” That moment we hesitate … Read More