27 Jul '16

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It will be ready for the next day?

Client: We need uniforms designed and made for our new hotel: reception, maid, bellboy, barman, cook and waiters. 50 employees, 3 uniforms per person.

Me: We can absolutely do that. When is your deadline?

Client: We open on Thursday, … Read More

26 Apr '16

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Designer Problems in a Humorous Way

Oh the humor among us… I think if we, the graphic designers, don’t have a sense of humor toward our clients or projects, I think we couldn’t survive. I use humor on all of my projects. That way my creativity … Read More

28 Jul '15

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Talk Dirty To me

I know.. it has been a long time that I haven’t written in the blog (super busy!) But hey now I have the time! You know how we designers have this amazing sense of humor in our field… even … Read More

23 Jun '14

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Not too fancy for the website

Client: Now, for the website, we don’t want anything too fancy.

Me: Fancy how?

Client: Like images and text.

Me: What do you want then?

Client: You tell me! You’re the designer! Just don’t put images … Read More

05 Feb '14

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Confessions of a Designer

Just a typical day where I browse through portfolios in when suddenly I see this peculiar poster. Oh boy, I started to read the quotes and every single one was so true for graphic designers. Below are the posters … Read More