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26 Apr '16

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Designer Problems in a Humorous Way

Oh the humor among us… I think if we, the graphic designers, don’t have a sense of humor toward our clients or projects, I think we couldn’t survive. I use humor on all of my projects. That way my creativity … Read More

16 Jan '16

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Stamp It!

This year 2016 I will try my best to post more useful information about designs. What can I say? A friend of mine told me about this wonderful website which creates stamps..custom stamps in Stamptitude! This is a great idea … Read More

28 Jul '15

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Talk Dirty To me

I know.. it has been a long time that I haven’t written in the blog (super busy!) But hey now I have the time! You know how we designers have this amazing sense of humor in our field… even … Read More

18 Feb '15

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It’s Valentine Meaning… Chocolates!!

Oh it’s back that lovely month where the love is in the air. Yes, that special day even though everyday for me it is special but February 14th is a really big deal…for chocolate lovers! I am super fan of … Read More

02 Jan '15

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New Year, New Inspiration

I just want to wish you a happy 2015 to all the most creative people and that this year bring more inspiration, more muse, better clients, more challenges and the most, more procrastination. Procrastination is where the muse hits … Read More