05 Dec '13

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Daughter’s Imagination Colored From Her Dad, a Tattoo Artist

It is pretty amazing to view kids’ imagination through drawings. Of course some of them they just use a pencil and a piece of paper to express their creativity. But why we, the designers, push a little forward with their … Read More

27 Oct '13

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Petit Natural

One of my passion is packaging. I can go to any store, and the first thing I look is the packaging of the product. On how they are design, the color palette, the typeface. One of my favorite website … Read More

24 Mar '12

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Polaroid Camera – Real or not?

This project was one of my difficult project I have to go through. But again I am proud of my self because I made it. This project it was for a computer design class and believe me, it was hard … Read More

10 Mar '12

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Pop Art inspired by Roy Lichtenstein

I want to get away to our sweet escape” is the quote I used for this assignment. The quote is from one of my favorites artist, Gwen Stefani on her song Sweet Escape.  For this project I used a picture … Read More