11 Dec '13

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A mirror color

Client: I like this design, but the reflection in your mirror rendering is a little confusing. Could you just show it as a mirror color?

Me: You mean a like a gradient grey?

Client:  No, I don’t want them to think … Read More

27 Nov '13

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The website doesn’t display…

Client: The website doesn’t display properly on Internet Explorer.

Me: How so? Can you send me a screenshot so I can see what you mean?

Client: No, I don’t know how. But hey, look, I can copy the site … Read More

02 Oct '13

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Is not “WOW” but “wow”

Client: It’s not a “WOW!” It’s just a “wow.” Do you know what I mean?

Me: Not really, can you please be more specific?

Client: Let me put that another way. I wanted a “WOW!” You gave me a wow.” … Read More

16 Sep '13


10 Awful Client Cliches That Make Every Designer Cringe

We designers know about our clients and their… comments toward a new project. Here in this article mention 10 awful client cliches that makes us wonder if they are talking seriously. This article is from .

10 Awful Client … Read More

16 Aug '13

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“I will print the admin access and password…”

Me: Hi, I just installed WordPress on your site, but someone with admin access has changed the password. Could you forward me the email from the host so I can get access?

Client: I don’t have time for that. I’ll … Read More